Introducing Web2Explosion Web 2.0 Graphics & Templates Package

Spice up your website or any web project with the Web2Explosion "Web 2.0 Graphics Package". This enormous package comes with thousands varieties of different website icons, web elements and graphics & templates. With thousands of web graphics that cover wide range of different themes, finding the relevant graphics for your web project has never been easy.

Instead of having to pay a significant amount of dollar for a few quality web graphics, at Web2Explosion you can get this whole package for one low price of $29.90. The graphic package is distributes into several different sub packs, description for each different pack has been provided below to provide a detailed description of what you will receive with the package.

Preview the Web Graphics Pack

Web 2.0 Reflection Graphics

The web 2.0 reflection graphics pack comes with more than 100 different badges, circle, signs, different shapes, buttons, sticker and etc. Editable .PSD files are provided for some of the graphics.

Sales Web 2.0 Graphics

The "Sales Web 2.0 Graphics" package is built to impress the crowd. Use these professional sales graphics to bring life to your website and watch your conversion sky rocketed!

There are more than 500 sales web 2.0 graphics in this pack that include of buttons, join now buttons, download now buttons, order buttons, guarantee badges, satisfaction badges, variety of sales badges and many more.

Editable .PSD files are provided for some of the graphics.

Web 2.0 Icons Set

It is a well established fact that user tends to be more comfortable to place order at a well presented professional designed web site. With the "Web 2.0 Icons Set", you can use the wide variety of vibrant Web 2.0 icons in this package to bring your website to the top of the crowd.

The package is includes of 333 different sizes of web 2.0 icons. .PNG transparent format are included, with the .png transparent images included you don't have to worry about your images looking sluggish in any background at all!

The Gigabytes Web Icons pack

Complete all your web icons collection with this huge web icons package. This enormous web icons package is packed with 2400 variety size of web icons. Everything range from Windows icons, smiley icons, general computer icons, folders, currency and many more can be found in this package.

* All icons are in .PNG transparent format.

1,600 Web Graphics Pack

The 1,600 web graphics pack includes of more than 1,600 web graphics that cover wide range of web elements such as bullets, order buttons, plain buttons, badges, templates and all type of web graphic elements that you need to beef up your web project.

Graphics format is in .GIF and .JPG.

Twin Marketing Graphics Pack

The twin marketing graphics pack includes with more than 300 different marketing graphics. These marketing graphics ranged from arrows, download buttons, order buttons, subscribe buttons, web 2.0 styled call to buttons, special offer buttons and many more.

Some graphics in this package comes with full editable .PSD files.

Web Site Graphics Pack

The web site graphics pack is made to enchance your website, the package comes with hundreds variety of different website graphics such as bullets, buttons, doodlers, headers, icons and many more. All the graphics also included with full editable .PSD files allowing you to have full flexbility in editing those graphics.

PSD Site Graphics

The PSD Site Graphics package is a powerful PSD site graphis collection that packed with variety of high quality PSD website graphics. You will find graphics like arrows, badges, buttons, signs, window box, sticker and many more different PSD graphics.

Button Graphics Collection

The Button Graphics Collection is the ultimate button graphics collection package. You will find hundreds variety of different button graphics like general web buttons, call to action buttons, badges, signs and many more in this collection with every button include with full editable .PSD files.

200 3D Characters

The 200 3D Characters package is a jumbo high resolution 3D characters images collection. Enchance your website or any of your media project with these great looking 3D characters. All the images in this package are in .PNG transparent format.


That's not all, because we're also giving away free bonuses that worth hundreds of dollars!

Sit back and preview through all the valuable bonuses that you will receive with the Web2Explosion web graphics package.

Bonus 1 - Software Box Creator

The software box creator allows you to create amazing 3D eCover easily by using Photoshop. The package comes with a set of Photoshop action scripts where you can use them as a base to generate eCover.

* Easy to follow tutorial guide are included.

Bonus 2 - 101 Transparent Business Images

The 101 transparent business images pack includes of more than 100 Royalty Free high resolution .PNG transparent business people stock images. Use these great looking people stock photos to add professionalism to your web presentation!

Bonus 3 - 3D Dollar Signs Pack

This 3D dollar signs pack comes with more than 100 3D .PNG dollar signs images. Use these images for any of your web design projects or use it for other usages such as presentation, or integrate them to your print material or etc.

Bonus 4 - 942 Photoshop Actions Pack

Create great effects with Photoshop with this set of 942 Photoshop actions.

This pack alone includes of more than 940 quality photoshop actions. With these action scripts, you can easily transform your text or photos to a whole new level of styles and effects. Effects like transforming your existing photo to vintage looks!

Bonus 5 - Killer Abstract Pack

This bonus abstract pack is includes of more than 200 quality high resolution abstract images. Full layered .PSD files is included with each of the image.

Bonus 6 - 250 Professional Business Header Pack

Use these 250 professional business header templates as a base to create your next web site, or use it for your existing web site or design project to make it more attractive.

* Package includes of 5 different sets of headers, each set includes of 50 headers total 250 headers.
* All headers come with .PSD files.

Bonus 7 - Easy Banner Maker Professional

Create professional advertisement banners using this Easy Banner Maker professional pack. Pack includes of readymade banner templates, Photoshop styles, Photoshop shapes, different web 2.0 ads elements such as arrows, buttons, badges, stars etc for use in banner ads and many more.

* A simple to follow video tutorial is included with the pack.

Bonus 8 - Easy Stripped Background.

Easy stripped backgrounds are developed for easy integration with web site background. Use these attractive backgrounds to make your website more engaging, these backgrounds are designed in a special way so that it will integrate seamlessly with your website and at any screen resolution the background will look just fine without any distortion in quality.

* There are more than 100 easy striped backgrounds in this pack.

To sum up, you will receive the following web graphics package

  1. Web 2.0 reflection graphics
    • 100 different web 2.0 graphics that included of badges, signs, sticker, buttons, call to action buttons and many more. All files included with editable .psd source files.
  2. Sales web 2.0 graphics
    • Hundreds of web 2.0 sales graphics. Arrows, order buttons, guaranteed seals, price bubble, shapes and many more. .psd source files are included.
  3. Web 2.0 icons set
    • 333 of different type of web 2.0 icons. All icons are in .png transparent format.
  4. Gigabyte web 2.0 icons pack
    • Massive library of more than 2400 web 2.0 icons. Windows icons, similes and various types of icons. Files are in .png transparent format.
  5. 1,600 graphics pack
    • Library of 1,600 different type of web graphics. Graphics like icons, bullets, guaranteed seals, objects and many more. Mixture of .png transparent format, jpg and gif.
  6. Web Site Graphics Pack
    • Hundreds of web site graphics such as headers, icons, buttons and many more.
    • Graphics are included with editable .PSD files.
  7. Twin marketing graphics pack
    • More than 300 marketing graphics ranged from buttons, web 2.0 style call to action buttons, special badges and etc.
    • All graphics included with .psd source files.
  8. PSD Site Graphics Pack
    • Comes with set of high quality PSD site graphics like arrows, badges, buttons, signs and many more.
    • All .PSD files are fully layered allowing you to have full customization power over them.
  9. Button Graphics Collection
    • The Ultimate button graphics collection page.
    • Hundreds variety of different button graphics like call to action, badges, web buttons and many more. All included with .PSD files.
  10. 200 3D Characters Pack
    • Jumbo collection of 200 high resolution 3D Characters.
    • All images in transparent .PNG format.

You will also receive the following bonuses that worth hundreds of dollars

  1. Bonus 1 – Software box creator
    • Create professional 3D eCover using this set of Photoshop action.
    • Readymade eCover templates are also included.
    • Tutorial guide also provided with the pack.
  2. Bonus 2 – 101 transparent business images
    • More than 100 high resolution .png transparent business people images.
  3. Bonus 3 – Dollar signs pack
    • More than 100 of high quality 3D .png transparent sign images.
  4. Bonus 4 – 942 Photoshop actions pack
    • More than 940 different types of Photoshop actions.
    • Actions such as, actions to create 3D text, transform photos to different type of effects style like vintage looking, puzzles effect and many more.
  5. Bonus 5 – Killer abstract pack
    • 200 over high resolution abstract images. All abstract files included with .psd layered files.
  6. Bonus 6 – 250 business headers pack
    • Includes of 250 professional designed headers.
    • All files included with .psd source files.
  7. Bonus 7 – Easy banner maker professional pack
    • Create banner ads easily using this banner maker pack.
    • Includes of Photoshop styles, shapes, readymade banner size templates, 468X60, 120X120 and different type of ads sizes.
    • All templates files are in .psd format which can be edit easily using Adobe Photoshop.
    • Video tutorial guide are included.
  8. Bonus 8 – Easy stripped background
    • 100 over good looking easy striped backgrounds pack.
    • Photoshop .pat files are included as well.

Now, that is a massive Web 2.0 graphics pack!

Other companies are selling web 2.0 graphics at a price tag of $50 and more. Most are selling them per item meaning you pay a price of $10 to download just one icon!

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